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Let an outstanding employee know just how much you mean to them with this Longford award! It stands tall at six, seven, or eight inches and features a curved design that will accentuate the imprinted name, title, and message. Add all of that information via deep etch and hand this to someone who deserves the recognition at a banquet or fun event. They'll love receiving this honor and will continue to do their absolute best for you!
$124.00 and up
Pay tribute to your highest honorees at your next awards ceremony, sales dinner, anniversary party or company celebration. The stunning blue crystal combined with faceted optically clear crystal makes this award a symbol of achievement and honor. Home of "The WOW Effect" (R), this beautiful Distinction Award can be custom etched with a logo, name and personalized message. Each exquisite award is packaged in a lovely black gift box.
$293.00 and up
Show people how much they mean to you when you accompany an award with this Black Mirrored Base! It's made of plastic, is in the shape of a square, and features LED lights that will illuminate a recipients' achievements. Choose from one of three sizes and make this a part of what how you show your gratitude for hard work in your company. This is one fantastic way to keep your employees happy! Blank product.
$20.30 and up
So richly deserved, this award is perfect for someone performing at the top of their game. The Crown Jewel Award is constructed of black glass and optical crystal. This brilliant award is stunning and magnificent and will capture the attention of onlookers along with becoming a prized possession for a deserving recipient. Home of "The WOW Effect" (R), this beautiful award can be custom etched with a logo, name and personalized message.
$288.00 and up
Show customers what it feels like to put a memory in the right place with this rectangular Black Mirrored Base! It features LED light bulbs to illuminate the awards of recipients, shining a light on the importance of hard work. It's made of plastic and comes in three sizes. Pick what's best for you and give this away along with a trophy you may have given. Don't hesitate to show people how much they mean to you! Blank product.
$11.80 and up
Anyone who receives this Monolith Indigo Award will know how special they are to you! It's made of optical crystal with a clear base and a deep blue body with a diamond-faceted peak. It's available in three sizes (7", 9", and 11") so you can pick what best works for you. Add the recipient's name and title alongside your company logo and a brief message using our deep etch imprint. This is a great way to show your gratitude!
$143.00 and up
Bestow a unique award on someone who truly stands out! Measuring 7 3/4" x 8 3/4" x 2 3/4", the eco-friendly optical crystal/cultured stone Apollo Award represents achievement in a meaningful way. It is sure to make an unforgettable impression on its recipient. Personalize with an etched message that will endure for ages. Ideal for sales achievements and fundraising feats. With its distinctive design, this award brings "The WOW Effect" (R) to life!
$165.00 and up
Recognize those who achieve across the miles with the Trilogy Clock Award! This 4 1/2" x 9" x 2" optically flawless crystal tower encompasses three clocks in any combination of time zones. The smooth beveled edges of this timepiece create a truly elegant look. Forward thinkers keep ahead of the competition by staying in motion. Reward these progressive employees with this award. Bring "The WOW Effect"(R) to life with a "timely" symbol of success!
$156.00 and up
For eye-catching decor in your home or office, go with this Colter Circle! It's made of optical crystal and the circular design rests on a flat base with ends that curve inward. It could be used as a fancy gift or even as an award. That all depends on the imprint. We offer deep etch imprinting to display a graphic or a recipient's name and title. It's a great way to show gratitude or your expensive taste.
$127.00 and up
Allow award winners the ability to display their reward properly using this Black Mirrored Base, It's a plastic item that's shaped like a square and lighted with LED light bulbs. This allows the honor to always shine bright. This item comes in three sizes, so your customers can choose what's best for them. Stock up on this for your place of business and show customers what it feels like to put a memory in the right place! Blank product.
$12.70 and up
Reward those who set sail for success with the Pristine Gallery Regatta Award! Resembling a sail that is completely expanded, this optical crystal award is subtle in design and offers lots of space for a personalized message. Etch your logo and message or print it with Illumachrome Splash (TM) or subsurface 3D image on the generous imprint area and give to someone of vision. This award brings "The WOW Effect" (R) to life!
$120.00 and up
Create a memory that will last a lifetime with this Pellan Pyramid! It's made of optical crystal and starts with an inverted base that rises outward and ends with a blunt peak. It looks regal and powerful - just the message you want to send. Imprint this with your company name or logo or personalize this with a recipient's name using our deep etch method. This will look great as decoration or as an award!
$107.00 and up
Show someone special how much they mean to you when you give them this Kendall Global Award! It's made of optical crystal and features the artwork of a globe on a concave circle. It comes in three sizes (4", 5", and 6") and will prominently display any logo, name, or title you imprint via deep etch. Don't hesitate to show your gratitude and bestow an honor. Take this opportunity to deepen the relationship between you and your employees!
$51.50 and up
Ring in your next awards ceremony by handing out this gem! Made of pristine optical crystal, the Trident Award features green, blue and yellow crystal rings that can symbolize three elements, three phases to completion, three primary leaders, or if you just want to hand out a cool looking, uniquely shaped award! Home of "The WOW Effect" (R), this beautiful award can be custom etched with a logo, name and personalized message.
$154.00 and up
Take this opportunity to deepen the relationship between you and your employees by handing out this Kilmer Global Award! It a rectangular item made of optical crystal that features a globe in the middle of the square on the upper portion. This provides you ample space to add plenty of information including the recipient's name and title, your company logo, and a brief message via deep etch. Choose from one of three sizes and express your gratitude for great work!
$144.00 and up
This patriotic eagle is a perfect prize for your high-flyers! Show them you appreciate their contributions with the 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 3" Perched Eagle Award, that features a 3 1/2" x 1" bronze plated resin base. The eagle is mounted on a strong base to symbolize the eagle's courage, strength and power. Your top performers have taken your organization to new heights. With its striking beauty and design, this award brings "The WOW Effect" (R) to life!
$71.75 and up
Climbing to the top is often rewarded to recipients with a pyramid award, so why not keep that tradition going! This large red Quatro Pyramid Award fits nicely on a desktop and exudes appreciation to any recipient. Using colorful hues and graceful designs, this award brings "The WOW Effect" (R) to life! This custom etched piece of art can easily be incorporated into their home or office decor. Product measures 3" x 5 1/2" x 3".
$66.50 and up
Elegantly beveled edges compliment the graceful curves of this prestigious starfire crystal award.
$133.00 and up
Boost the confidence of your workers when you use this Star Cluster Bronze Accent to express your satisfaction with their work! It's made of cultured stone and depicts three asymmetrical stars that are all connected, adding some flair to the wall plaques or awards to which they will be attached. When you have people doing great things in your company, it's only right to recognize their achievements! Blank product
$12.10 and up
For those innovative individuals and organizations who keep the flames of success burning brightly, offer them the Lambent Flame Award at your recognition event. A stunning symbol for a constant desire, this beautiful award features an optical crystal flame highlighted with brilliant facets along the edge. Home of "The WOW Effect" (R), this award can be custom etched with a logo, name and personalized message.
$153.00 and up
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